What people say...

I LOVE my Woven Yogi rug!!  It's so nice, high quality, and always catches peoples attention.  As an avid yogi I'm always aware of quality because I practice yoga so often and I've been so pleased with it's durability.  After reading the story behind the rugs and their conception, I have fallen in love with mine even more! - Victor

My WovenYogi mats are perfect for meditation and kundalini yoga practice.  The mats' design and colors are uplifting to the eye and soul.  I love them!  - Stela

We love the rug and I will be using it tonight and all of this week in Kundalini class and training here in Japan.  It was easy to carry in my luggage and it feels great to do the yoga on.  It's durable and has very good energy. - Mahan Rishi

I am thoroughly enjoying my WovenYogi Rug! Initially it was the logo that compelled me.  I saw myself and my practice in it yet through its' infinite lines I saw eternity and unity.  A simple design that so profoundly said so much.  When I saw that I could get this incredible image on a yoga mat, I wasted no time in placing my order!  The natural fibers of the rug complement the integrity of my practice and made me wonder why I had been using a synthetic mat all this time.  I purchased the mat at the perfect time as I was creating a room for my Reiki practice and I knew the beauty of the rug just had to be on display.  I hung a piece of twine to serve as a clothesline on my wall and literally hang the rug when I'm done using it.  Ti is the first thing my clients see when they enter the room and I believe the energy in this logo sets the tone for healing to occur.  I am so grateful to Kristin and to her commitment that my clients and I are benefiting from the passion and love she has put into this wonderful creation!  - Donna